Mobile ordering is now commonplace in many food and drink establishments as a result of Covid-19, so it’s no surprise that the theatre sector is the latest to implement innovative solutions to enhance their guests’ experience. 

Social distancing has dramatically reduced capacity in theatres by around 30 percent increasing the pressure to recoup lost revenue and remain profitable. Food and drink sales usually account for around 40 percent of that revenue but, in the ‘new normal’, how can theatres adapt to avoid long queues, keep everyone safe and maximise revenue opportunities?

In-seat ordering

By implementing mobile solutions,  the audience can browse at their leisure, order and pay from the safety of their seat, creating a larger window to maximise revenue. Queue times pre-show and during intermission are also eliminated for food, drink, programme, and merchandise sales.

Theatres can place QR codes at each seat location to provide a seamless, convenient, and stress-free process for the audience – no need to download an App and no need to log in. Research with over 1,000 users revealed that 90% find the ordering system easy to use and even in the over 50 age group 84% said the same, demonstrating the solution’s broad appeal.

Connect with your audience and maximise revenue

Whilst mobile ordering at theatres solves many short-term goals, such as avoiding queues and social distancing, in the longer-term theatres will also benefit from increased customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and revenues.  Venues that have adopted a mobile solution say that sales typically rise by 20% and cost to serve can be halved.

With every purchase customers are given the option to opt-in to future marketing communications thereby providing more opportunity to re-engage your audience for repeat business and grow your customer base.

From concession sales to providing essential information and even the promotion and sale of tickets for upcoming events using a mobile service platform gives theatres multiple opportunities to connect with their audience, increase loyalty and grow revenues. 

Are you planning an in-seat ordering service at your theater? Get in touch with our friendly team and find out how ServeSafely for Theatres is transforming the experience with superior and efficient service. 

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