Crave Interactive Ltd, the leading innovator in guest service software solutions for quality hotels, have announced the launch of a world-class digital London City Guide.

Gareth Hughes, CEO and founder of Crave Interactive explained, “We have analytics for our in-room tablets so we know exactly what guests are interested in looking at when visiting cities such as London. Whilst they love many sections of the Crave system, the area most viewed has been our city and local area guides – so we’ve invested substantially in 5 star content and new delivery mechanisms that will delight hotel guests and provide clear added value to hotels beyond our competitors.”

The new Crave London City Guide has been conceived and edited by Tim Hannigan, Crave’s Editor in Chief and an award-winning travel writer. Also, several other experienced travel writers have been commissioned as well to contribute content so as to ensure the City Guide is always fresh and engaging.

The Crave City Guide system includes innovative location aware features, comprehensive interactive itineraries, and can be downloaded off-line to allow guests to use whilst exploring London without a data connection. It allows Hotels to add their own tips and overviews of major London Attractions, complimenting concierge services.

“Helping hotel guests get the most out of their visit to a City such as London is in everyone’s interest. It helps improve guest satisfaction and helping drive repeat visits.” added Hughes. “Crave’s City Guides are set to raise the bar in bringing the city experience to life via mobile location-aware technology.”

The City Guide will be available via Crave’s Apps and in-room tablets as an integral part of Crave’s solution, at no additional cost to their clients.

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