With over 1,000 responses to our mobile order and pay survey in just 1 week the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Whilst ease of use and safety was a key factor for many customers, businesses will be pleased to hear that many customers also admitted to ordering more. Especially when the pressure is on and your capacity is reduced, getting those extra revenue opportunities is even more important.

Customers from businesses across the UK using ServeSafely took part in the feedback survey, from pubs and dining to drinks, food, and cocktail venues.

With participants ranging from age 18 to 50+ our data had a fairly even split across each segment. This made it even more interesting when we dived deeper into the results.

Age range of participants

Older generations not lagging behind when it comes to mobile ordering

The common belief that older generations are slower to adopt new technologies is proved wrong with ServeSafely. The solution is so intuitive to use our data shows that 87% of over 35’s find it Very Easy or Easy. With 84% of customers in the over 50+ age range finding it Very Easy or Easy, and overall 90% of customers found it Very Easy or Easy to use.

Ease of use

Building confidence with a safe ordering solution 

In the current climate, the safety of customers and staff is paramount. By reducing high-risk touchpoints and close interactions with other customers, our mobile order and pay solution enables customers to take control. With reduced movement and no need to queue, it’s not surprising that our survey shows that customers feel safer using it.

Driving more revenue opportunities with reduced capacity

With easy up-sell features and product modifiers, customers using ServeSafely can easily add extras to their orders as they progress through. The results prove how effective this function is, especially for businesses where capacity has been reduced, and capitalising on every revenue opportunity is vital for their survival. 

Order More

On average 66% of participants admitted that they would order more. And for the younger clientele, the stats were, even more, promising with over ¾ of 18-25-year-olds stating that they would order more.

Mobile order and pay is the new norm

With the hospitality sector now flooded with order and pay solutions many of our survey participants had already experienced using other mobile ordering systems at other venues. It’s no surprise that many businesses are discovering why apps are worth considering.

We were pleased to see though that when asked how ServeSafely compared to other ordering apps, 4 times as many people thought our App was Better than others they’d used than found it wasn’t as good.

Make it easy, make it fast

When looking at all the different order and pay apps now available, it can be hard to choose which one is right for your business. Our survey shows that downloading an app can be a barrier for adapting to new technology so enabling quick and easy access via a QR code is of high importance for customers.

If you want your business to benefit from additional revenue opportunities whilst delivering excellent service that drives loyalty and repeat visits, get in touch with our friendly team. ServeSafely can help you do this, all while keeping your staff and customers safe. 

Mobile Ordering Feedback Survey was conducted between 31st July and 10th August 2020 and received 1188 responses from customers who had used ServeSafely at 9 different venues across the UK.

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