Here at Crave, we’re continually looking to improve and evolve our products and test our innovation ideas. The results of our latest mobile service opinion survey of users of our ServeSafely mobile order and pay solution were both insightful and illuminating. With over 4,400 participants, we found some key messages that support our mission to create real value for hospitality businesses through our Intelligent Mobile Service concept.

Read on to discover the emerging trends for mobile ordering and how they’ve evolved from our previous survey back in August 2020. 

Mobile ordering is becoming ubiquitous

The use of mobile ordering systems at hospitality venues across the UK has boomed and not surprisingly as businesses have had to evolve and adapt in line with government guidelines. 

In our previous survey, 63% of respondents had used more than one mobile ordering system. Fast forward 6 months and, overall, 84% have with the youngest age group most familiar with mobile ordering.

Keeping things simple to deliver great customer experiences and stand out from the crowd

Yet despite the range of solutions now active in hospitality venues across the UK, we’re pleased that ServeSafely is considered at least as good if not better than other systems by 93% of respondents.

And with 91% of users finding our system easy or very easy to use, we’re delighted that our primary goal of creating a great customer experience is reflected in the survey results. Even in the 50+ age group, 84% of users found mobile ordering easy with ServeSafely.

With QR code readers now ready built into the camera of every smartphone, access to services is instant with no need for an app download. And it’s clear from our survey respondents that space on their devices is precious and they don’t want the hassle of yet another app cluttering their phone.

Strong safety Perceptions

A significant new finding in these latest results was that a large majority of all age ranges believe that mobile ordering is safer than table service – 73% in fact.

And, in line with last year’s survey, 90% continue to believe that ordering via their mobile is safer than bar service.

Enhancing not compromising service

Respondents have a very strong perception of service levels provided via mobile ordering with 91% saying it is as good or better than traditional service. This is a very significant finding which supports the view that technology can help operators deliver great service.

Buying decisions can be influenced

Up-selling and cross-selling have long been essential to increasing spend per head and improving financial performance in hospitality businesses. With an intelligent mobile service, knowing how to best suggest the right products, at the right time, at the right part of the ordering processes is key to success.  

Whatever the rhythm of your venue, being able to optimise promotions, prices and menus, to give your customers what they want, when they want it will help to maximise profitability. 

So it’s great to see that 64% of respondents would be likely to order more with mobile ordering. 

Mobile ordering is here to stay

Our survey shows that customers love mobile ordering. They not only think they get a better service, the experience is so good they want to be able to use it beyond the pandemic.

Likely driven by positive feedback for ease of use and service, it’s no surprise that 81% of respondents want to be able to continue to use mobile ordering once the Covid pandemic is under control.

The power of data and personalisation 

The desire for a personalised ordering experience is strong. At 22%, a significant minority of our survey respondents have dietary requirements or preferences, so imagine if items fitting those requirements were immediately accessible? 87% would like this.  Or if favourite/regular items were at the top for easy re-ordering? 84% would like this. And 85% would like to see suggestions personalised to them. 

Additional services can drive engagement and loyalty

Respondents gave a firm thumbs up to additional services being incorporated into the mobile ordering systems of the future including loyalty schemes (90%) and ratings and reviews (78%). And, importantly, over 70% said these would influence their buying decisions.

Are you ready to embrace a forward looking mobile service strategy? For more insights, get your copy of our whitepaper – How to profit from Intelligent Mobile Service and the full survey results by clicking here.

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