Install Crave In-room Tablets at a Net-Zero Cost

Net-Zero Pricing Information

Install Digital In-room Tablets at a Net-Zero Cost

By offering a cost-saving digital directory replacement, combined with a wide range of innovative features that generate incremental revenues, Crave in-room tablets offer a proven net-zero cost solution for hoteliers.

Let us show you how!

Increase Revenue from Late Check Outs & Extended Stays

The Crave solution is designed with boosting revenue in mind. Using the Crave in-room tablets, you can promote late checkouts, extended stays with range of built-in methods to choose from. You can be sure that your promotions get the visibility needed to gain traction among your guests.

Crave’s Games Domain Generates Incremental Income per Room

Your hotel guests can play a selection of high quality games on Crave in-room tablets for a modest fee, providing entertainment options for guests and incremental revenue streams for hotels. The Crave Games Domain is a proven revenue driver, and flexible billing models are all incorporated.

Generate Additional Streams of Revenue through Digital Sponsorships & Partnerships

In addition to boosting the average guest spend, the Crave in-room tablets give you the opportunity to create entirely new revenue streams through advertising and sponsorship using homescreens, widgets and direct guest messages.

Reduce Maintenance Expenses by Replacing T.V. Controls & Alarm Clocks

With the new Crave T-Mini tablets, you no longer need to purchase a separate TV remote, radio, bedside alarm clock or USB charging ports as they are all integrated directly into the Crave solution.

Save on Printing & Labor Costs by Eliminating all Paper Menus, Directories & Marketing Materials in the Room

Marketing collateral and menu updates can be carried out remotely and instantly without the need to distribute manually to each hotel room. You can instantly send updates and alerts to your guests.

Increased Revenue + Lower Expenses = Net-Zero Costs

Let us show you what a great ROI can be achieved.

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