At the start of July 2020 Craft Lincoln, an eclectic bar in Lincoln, UK launched the mobile order and pay solution, ServeSafely, with great success. This large venue boasts an attractive beer garden, home made food from around the globe as well as a range of cocktails and craft beers.

Regional Operations Manager, Michael Bolton commented;

“we’re a very popular and busy venue – it’s great to be serving hundreds of customers a day again. It’s been easier and more efficient for our staff and for customers using the new mobile ordering solution – the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Craft have also used their active social media profile to share a video on how easy the system is to use to help their customers understand the new process. 

A month on and over 250 Craft Lincoln customers have responded to a feedback survey about using the mobile ordering system. 

With 72% of customers stating that the mobile ordering system was Very Easy to use and although many stated that they had used other systems at other venues, 5 times as many people found ServeSafely Better than those that thought it wasn’t as good as other apps they’ve tried. 


“I think the mobile ordering was so easy to use and made my evening much more relaxing as not needing to battle at the bar. Let’s hope it’s here to stay.” Zoe.

“Very impressed with Crafts system, policy and procedures. Very comfortable to come and visit and the ordering system is super easy and I now much prefer it to waiting at a bar.” Kelly.


The survey also asked how customers felt about using QR codes or downloading an App, with 67% finding a QR code Easier. 

 And importantly, 93% of customers agreed that it was Safer to order by mobile rather than to queue at a bar.

I think you have it spot on. Better by far than ordering at the bar. So much more efficient and accurate. Saves on queuing too. Love it!!” Dean.

“Please keep the system of mobile ordering! It saves time and means people get served quicker and easier.” Joanne.

Customers were also asked if they were more likely to order more drinks or snacks when using mobile ordering and 78% admitted that they would be inclined to order more. 

Director, John O’donoghue commented;

“the implementation of ServeSafely was very straightforward, our staff have found the system very easy to use and we are delighted that customers are returning

Nearly half of the customers who participated in the survey were in the 18-25 age group, and whilst we know that a younger demographic are more likely to embrace new technology quickly, the results show that those in the higher age ranges are not far behind. 

“It was the first pub I’ve been in since lockdown and I honestly felt normal for the first time but still felt safe. Since going here I’ve been to a few pubs that don’t use mobile ordering and I didn’t feel as comfortable with it. Was actually really impressed and it made a great end to a lovely day.” Penelope.

Is your businesses thriving in this new normal? If you would like to find out more about how ServeSafely can help your business, please get in touch with our friendly team.



Craft offers an eclectic mix of styles with fresh home made food offerings from around the globe and a drinks selection to suit all tastes including home made cocktails and craft beers

Lincoln, LN2 1JG

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