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Servers at Crave Interactive are helping researchers with simulating the dynamics of COVID-19 proteins to hunt for new therapies.

As part of a planned server migration project to support ongoing optimisation for CraveCloud services, the development team identified an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

With some months before our ‘old’ servers were due to be terminated, the development team at Crave didn’t want the processing power to be wasted – so the servers have been put to work with Folding@Home.

The computing power is needed to run enormous calculations and simulations to help scientists understand how the viral proteins work and how they can design therapeutics to stop them. Read more about how Folding@Home is fighting Coronavirus here.

Already this week, 1 server has been crunching data 24/7 with 4 CPUs installed and 96 cores (compared to a standard laptop which may only be Duo or Quad-core). At time of writing, the Crave team is currently ranked 17,534 of 248,455.  If you want to keep an eye on our progress and contribution, you can follow our team here.

There’s been an influx of people joining the cause at Folding@Home so we’re not running at full capacity yet, but we’re ready and waiting for the next assignments so we can hope to make a difference.



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