26th March 2020, London. Crave Interactive, a leading global hospitality technology company based in the UK, today announce TakeawayToday, a solution that enables restaurants and cafes to quickly and efficiently offer takeaway and delivery food, with customers ordering and paying via mobile, web and Facebook.

The solution helps keep staff and customers safe by negating the need for any close interaction, or the need for cash or payment machines to be passed between staff and customers. Crave is providing operating suggestions for maximum efficiency and safety.

For restaurants, pubs and cafes, TakeawayToday provides a low cost means of efficiently serving the community. There is no long-term commitment required, and the set-up process is simple and fast.

“With the COVID-19 crisis, our communities need feeding at home, including more takeaway and delivery food options.” explained Crave CEO Gareth Hughes. “TakeawayToday is the perfect solution to help businesses address the community need for takeaway food in a safe and efficient way”

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