Crave Video Service Platform set to revolutionise the hotel guest experience and hotel operations with multi-lingual service around the clock.

London – June 13, 2019. Crave Interactive, the world-leading developer of cloud-based digital guest experience platforms for hotels, today announced the launch of the Crave Video Service Platform (Crave VSP), allowing real-person multi-lingual services to be delivered to guests wherever they are.

A recent industry study by Amadeus and IHG, “Drivers of Change in Hospitality”, highlighted that whilst an increasing proportion of guests appreciate self-service technology, more than 60% prefer to speak with a member of staff. The report also highlighted the need for innovative solutions which can enable services to be provided to international guests in the language of their choice.

Crave VSP allows guests to connect with a member of staff via a secure video connection from any location – in-lobby via kiosk, in-room via tablet, and anywhere via the guest’s own smartphone. For hotel chains, it allows staff to be located anywhere in centralized service centers, streamlining operational costs and efficiencies whilst providing better guest access to staff.

Crave VSP will allow lucrative concierge services to be delivered to 3 and 4-star hotels, bringing 5-star service to the guests and increasing revenues for the hotel operators. It can also be used for general guest service and reservation teams, increasing the effectiveness of each guest interaction.

“Our new Crave Video Service Platform uses technology to provide a more personal and intimate service whilst generating additional revenue opportunities,” commented Crave CEO Gareth Hughes. “Hotels struggle with providing services in multiple-languages and providing the right levels of staff at the right time to meet guest requirements. Centralized teams of video service staff are the answer, and I’m confident Crave VSP will transform hotel services in a positive manner, especially in groups.”

Crave VSP uses WebRTC as the underlying technology, and supports video, voice and text communication. Guests simply click the service they want and the language they desire from available options. Crave VSP is accessed via a web browser window, and as such it can be easily integrated into existing hotel Apps, as well being available via Crave in-room tablets and lobby kiosks.

Crave VSP will be used to introduce concierge services to mid-scale hotels in London and Las Vegas in a major proof of concept in Q4 2019, with Crave partnering with existing concierge companies and multiple hotels. “We hope to prove that the additional revenues generated will more than pay for the technology and cost of providing the service – if so, we intend to offer the service for zero cost to hotels, with revenue share once the base cost is covered,” Hughes further commented.

Crave Video Service Platform is being demonstrated at booth # 1314 HITEC 2019 in Minneapolis, from 18th to 20th June 2019.

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