5 Ways Crave Directory Helps Hotels of Any Size

Crave Directory

5 Ways Crave Directory Helps Hotels of Any Size

1. Digital Directory that Replaces all In-Room Collateral with One Touch Everything

Crave in-room tablets can help to massively enhance your guest experience by eliminating cumbersome guest directories and other paper collateral. With digital guest services and in-room dining, everything you wish to present can be at their finger tips. It can save a fortune on operating costs not having to print new directories for every change and distribute them to all the guest rooms.

However, it’s not just hotel information that can be displayed on the tablets, you can also eliminate newspapers or local area guides by granting the guests access to digital versions on their Crave T-Mini device.

2. Reduces Tech & Maintenance Expenditures

With the new Crave T-Mini tablets, you no longer need to purchase a separate TV remote, radio, bedside alarm clock or USB charging ports as they are all integrated into the Crave solution. Each T-Mini tablet has an infra-red port to allow it to control the television, thermostat or any other IR device. All tablets have in-built speakers with an alarm clock function. Plus with the ability to include third party apps, you can add TuneIn Radio and stream any digital radio service.

But most importantly, in today’s society, we always need one more USB port to charge our own digital devices. Every Crave T-Mini dock features two USB charging ports so your guest can keep the power going to their devices while they enjoy the Crave digital directory.

3. Reduces Ongoing Operating Costs and Streamlines Processes

Crave in-room tablets allow hotels to optimize their internal staff processes by eliminating unnecessary tasks. Marketing collateral and menu updates can be carried out remotely and instantly without the need to distribute manually to each hotel room. You can instantly send updates and alerts to your guests.

What’s more, we’ve specifically designed the Crave system to be as simple to use as possible. No specialist skills are necessary for the installation or the operating of the Crave system.

4. Generates Additional Streams of Revenue

The Crave solution is designed with boosting revenue in mind. Using the Crave in-room tablets, you can promote late checkouts, extended stays or special offers using homescreens, widgets and direct guest messages. With a wide range of methods to choose from you can be sure that your latest promotions get the visibility needed to gain traction among your guests.

With our Marketing Schedules, you can time your promotions to coincide with your guests behaviors, that means you can make sure you’re advertising your breakfast buffet in the morning and your restaurants in the evenings. Targeted and scheduled marketing has proven to be very effective. In addition to boosting the average guest spend, the Crave in-room tablets give you the opportunity to create entirely new revenue streams through advertising and sponsorship.

5. Easy Installation with No Upfront Costs

Providing top-quality tablets that are easy to on-board into your property is Crave’s number one priority. Crave in-room tablets are delivered ready to install. All of the content is configured on the Crave CMS and pre-loaded onto the Crave tablets which means the only thing you need to do is plug it in, connect it to the WiFi and assign a room number. You won’t need to change any of the hotel infrastructure, as long as you have a power supply and WiFi then you’re ready to go.

And in the unlikely event that you do run into any difficulties, the highly experienced Crave team are available to assist you with 24/7/365 Technical Support and Content Services, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your guest tech.

Finally, by offering a cost-saving digital directory replacement, combined with a wide range of innovative features that generate incremental revenues, Crave in-room tablets offer a proven net-zero cost solution for hoteliers.

Let us show you what a great ROI can be achieved.

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