Now that you’re seriously thinking about your technology requirements post lockdown, there seems to be a whole host of choice when it comes to Order and Pay Apps.

So, following on from 3 reasons why apps are worth considering, here are our top 5 tips on where to start when choosing what’s best for your business…

1. Focus on dependability and trust

This is perhaps the most important factor. A vendor that lets you down or an app that doesn’t work well will be worse than not having one at all. Select a vendor that is proven – one that has been around for a number of years, has some big hospitality names under its belt and will still be around for years to come. 

2. Choose a non-downloadable app

Consumers generally don’t like downloading a new app – it can be a hassle, especially if they’re not going to use it every day. Choose a supplier that gives you a “web-app”. These use QR codes that customers can simply scan with their phone camera to instantly open and start using the service.

Whilst we’re all seeing (and scanning) a lot more QR codes than before Covid-19, producing a QR code is not the hard part. It’s having the seamless technology behind it that will help businesses to maximise revenues, offering customers an intuitive interface and excellent service that will build loyalty and repeat visits.

“The emenu received great feedback, saying it was the best solution that they’ve seen post lockdown. So massive thank you.”

Bar Broadway, Brighton

“the emenu received great feedback, saying it was the best solution that they’ve seen post lockdown. So massive thank you.”

Bar Broadway, Brighton

3. Go for one that actually makes you money

Look for clever features that could make the difference. Upselling suggestions to tempt customers; pre-ordering to maximise efficiency; scheduled menus and dynamic pricing to keep you busy outside of peak hours; takeaway and delivery from the same app.  And make sure you get to use the customer data to market to them yourself.

“The customers loved it and to be honest, they probably spent more using it!”

The Morning Star, Manchester

And with the Eat Out To Help Out scheme launching in August (read more about that here) you’ll need a solution that can automate the correct discount at the right time, and on the right items – not forgetting to cap at the maximum £10 per person. The right Ordering App will save your staff the time and hassle of complicated calculations so they can concentrate on serving your customers. 

“Increased sales by at least 20%, the up selling functionality is very good, customers ordering items they didn’t think were on the menu”

The Engine, Baldock

4. Make sure it really enhances your customer experience

Some do a basic job but behind a great app there is a lot of complexity. It has to look great (with your branding of course) and work smoothly but should also give your customers the great experience they are used to, not some cut down version of it. Ensure all your products, options and alterations can be catered for. Look for features beyond just order & payment that will enhance the experience – e.g. book the next visit, leave reviews, book taxis or read your new hygiene protocols.  

“Our customers couldn’t believe how quick it was to place an order”

VetoMeato, Cambridge

5. It has to be easy for your staff too

Can it be implemented quickly without costly integrations? Is a dedicated back-of-house receiving system provided? Can you quickly change product availability from your own mobile phone?  Do you get full transaction reports? Can you message customers easily to confirm their order is being prepared now?  And, with the recent announcement about collecting customer contact details, will it also take this hassle off your hands (in a way that gives you confidence)?  

“Wouldn’t have been able to cope with the volume of orders on Saturday if it wasn’t for ServeSafely”

The Oddfellows Arms Smokehouse & Bar, Chelmsford

As government guidelines and customer expectations continue to change and adapt hopefully, these tips will help you decide which order & payment app should feature in your reopening priorities. 

ServeSafely is currently available with no monthly fees and a fully refundable setup fee*. 

*£195 initial set up fee which is fully refundable after your first £20k of transactions

To have a chat with our friendly team or for more information just get in touch:

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