Launch of Crave T-mini set to ignite
the in-room hotel tablet market
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5,000 Crave tablets installed
at ARIA Resort & Casino
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Crave T2 tablet with dock.
Designed for hotels.
London’s finest hotel,
The Lanesborough, choose
Crave in-room tablets
Hotel guests love Crave 90% engage with Crave in-room tablets
Your own branded app that
will delight your guests
“Crave is one of the best partners this company has ever had.
The end result is nothing short of spectacular”
Paul Berry - Vice President of Hotel Operations, ARIA Resort & Casino
Crave Interactive

In-room tablets that really work.

Crave Interactive is the leading provider of cutting-edge in-room tablets and mobile apps designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

In-Room Hotel Tablet

Provide 5 star service 24/7 with the stylish in-room Crave hotel tablet.

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On average 50 pages are viewed per occupied room night

A great opportunity to give some upselling suggestions and effective promotion of your facilities

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Easy to use – loved by guests

Guests love the ease of navigation, speed of performance and wealth of customised content. No instructions required.

Increased average spend

With built-in promotional messaging, upselling suggestions and effective promotion of your facilities. Crave helps you increase your average guest spend, boosting your bottom line.

Increase guest satisfaction

Happier guests come back. Crave helps your guests make the most of their stay, helping to bring their hotel experience to life in a way that complements traditional service.

Throw out the directory

Go gloriously green, unclutter the desk, and get rid of all the paper! Imagine, never having to print another directory or room service menu again, with the ability to make instant information updates.

Get personal with your guests

Communicate with guests like never before. Silent, discrete messaging, instant chat, push offers and promotions. Inform guests of special time-limited deals and send them personal messages.

24/7/365 support

Things rarely go wrong with Crave, but if the unforeseen happens, we are always available to help.

Here at Crave we make guest-facing applications for tablets and mobile. We’ve invested years of research and development and believe we have the very best system on the market today.

Introduction to Crave

Gareth Hughes, CEO of Crave, gives you an introduction to the Crave software.

Crave In-Room Tablets at ARIA Resort & Casino

Overview video of the 5,000 Crave tablets installed at ARIA Resort & Casino.

Crave In-Room Tablets at AM Resorts

Overview video of the Crave tablets installed at AM Resorts.

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