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  • Go digital. No more paper.
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Flexible platform for any hotel.

  • Crave clients range from 20 to 4,000 rooms!
  • Highly customizable – endless possibilities.
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Guests love Crave tablets - it’s proven...

  • Most appreciated amenity you can offer.
  • Over 50 pages viewed per room night.
  • 90% positive comments on TripAdvisor.
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Crave Interactive is a world leading developer of cloud-based solutions for hotels that provide digital guest services, including food ordering, digital concierge, entertainment and automation via proprietary in-room tablets. Crave clients range from Iceland to Tasmania, from 25 to 4,000 rooms, and from luxury to limited service hotels. From a simple directory replacement to a full range of innovative digital guest services, Crave in-room tablets offer the right solution at the right price for any hotel.

Named 2018’s Top-Rated Guest Room Tablet Provider in the Hotel Tech Report Awards

“In the age of smartphones and smart homes, guests increasingly expect their hotel rooms to be smart, too. Tablets not only provide a seamless user experience for guests upon arrival but have been proven to drive increased ancillary revenue and incredible ROIs. Crave is well positioned to capitalize on the trend.” – Hotel Tech Report

In-Room Hotel Tablets

Provide 5-star service 24/7 with the
stylish in-room Crave hotel tablet.

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Recipients of the Info-Tech Champion & Trend Setter Awards

“Crave’s dedication to product development and the guest experience will likely continue to drive its momentum globally and enable operators to realize substantial ROI.”

The Vendor Landscape: In-Room Tablets

Throw out the directory

Go gloriously green and save money by getting rid of all the paper! Never print another directory or room service menu again. Crave Directory offers the ability to make easy and instant information updates.

Increased average spend

Crave helps you increase your average guest spend, boosting your bottom line with built-in promotional messaging, up-selling suggestions, dynamic-pricing options and easy promotion of hotel facilities.

Easy to use – loved by guests

Guests love the ease of navigation, speed of performance and wealth of customized content. It’s so easy that there is no need for a Help Screen or Help Button!

Get personal with your guests

Communicate with guests like never before. Push direct guest messages, offers and special promotions to individual rooms, a group of rooms or entire hotel.

Increase guest satisfaction

Happier guests come back. Crave helps your guests make the most of their stay, helping to bring their hotel experience to life in a way that complements traditional service.

24/7/365 support

Things rarely go wrong with Crave, but if the unforeseen happens, we are always available to help.

Delighting Guests World-Wide

Delighting Guests World-Wide

On average 50 pages are viewed per occupied room night.

Check out Crave in action! View our videos..

A Quick Introduction to Crave

Crave In-Room Tablets at ARIA Resort & Casino